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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas - Small Business Edition!

The day of love is almost here! If you’ve waited until the last minute to grab a gift for your Valentine or Galentine, here are a few ideas that will help you get your gifting done. Plus you’ll be supporting small businesses in the process - win win! “Made for adults, loved by kids” these mini coloring books from A Brighter Year make an amazing gift for just about anyone! Shop Here!  Want to light up their lives a little bit? The Brennan Candle Co Valentine’s Day Duo is the perfect pair to set the mood for an unforgettable romantic celebration. This limited edition duo features two unique scents: Black Currant Boudoir and Cozy, each designed to ignite passion and...

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Meet the Spring Candle Collection

  I'm soooo thrilled that one of my favorite collections of the year is here! Except let's be honest, I always say that. I literally could not be any more biased. But whatever, right now I'll say it's my favorite (until next season)! As we dive into the warmer seasons and away from the chill of winter, it's nice to get away from those cozy, winter candles and into something different. This collection is the perfect blend of fresh, floral, fruity and fun!  Fresh Flower Market One of my first jobs as a teenager was at a florist, and I stuck with that career for a few years - it was also the first business I ever opened! Yep, I...

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Every Rose Has it's Thorns (Except This One)

A rose scented candle is something that BCC fans request quite often, but it's only something that makes it's way into the shop once a year! Lucky for you rose fans, now is that time!  Brennan Candle Co fan Severina left our rose candle, First Date Jitters, a 5 star review! Here's what she had to say: A calming scent to combat any jitters! It's ironic that this candle is named First Date Jitters, because it is one of the most calming, serene, and fresh scents I've had the pleasure of enjoying. When it comes to rose scents, there is a nerve that you will get an overwhelming floral scent that drowns out everything else. The combination of rose, champagne and...

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Galentine's Day Gift Guide

Don’t forget your pals this February! What’s better than a candle for a Galentine’s Day gift?! Give the Valentine's Day Duo to one lucky gal pal, or split it between your two besties! Two candles, one discounted price! Looking to splurge a bit? Gift them our Candle of the Month Club (available in 3 month, 6 month or 12 month subscriptions). Want a year-round scent instead? Pick up Calm, Cool and Collected - a lavender, sage and rosemary blend. And yes, it's just as delightful as it sounds. I know it's still January, but order now so you don’t have to buy something last-minute! You'll thank yourself (and me) later! xoxoValery

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Candle Safety 101

Saying goodbye to your favorite scent is never easy, so here's how to make the good times last a little while longer! In every Brennan Candle Co box, our customers receive a handy dandy instruction card that talks about the best ways to burn our candles safely. In 2020, accidents related to improper candle care lead to almost $278 million dollars in property damage (yikes).Candle safety matters! Our resource guide not only keeps your candles lasting longer, smelling great, but keeps you and your home safe from accidents. Step one: The “first burn” should be for several hours (we recommend 3-4 hours in one sitting), so that the wax melts all the way to the edge.Did you know that wax has a “memory”? A long, consistent first burn...

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