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Candle Safety 101

Saying goodbye to your favorite scent is never easy, so here's how to make the good times last a little while longer!

In every Brennan Candle Co box, our customers receive a handy dandy instruction card that talks about the best ways to burn our candles safely. In 2020, accidents related to improper candle care lead to almost $278 million dollars in property damage (yikes).

Candle safety matters! Our resource guide not only keeps your candles lasting longer, smelling great, but keeps you and your home safe from accidents.

Step one: The “first burn” should be for several hours (we recommend 3-4 hours in one sitting), so that the wax melts all the way to the edge.

Did you know that wax has a “memory”? A long, consistent first burn helps to prevent your candle from tunneling. Ideally all of your burns should melt the entire top of your candle, but it’s ESPECIALLY important for the first burn.

Step Two: Always trim your wick to 1/4” before every burn! Always! You can grab our Brennan Candle Co wick trimmers here if you're in need of a pair, otherwise regular scissors will work just fine.

Step Three: Keep your candle away from drafts, burn it on a heat resistant surface and NEVER leave your candle unattended. It's especially important to be conscious of flammable objects in the vicinity of a candle flame, including plants, napkins, tinsel, ribbon, paper and more!

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