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Meet the Spring Candle Collection


I'm soooo thrilled that one of my favorite collections of the year is here! Except let's be honest, I always say that. I literally could not be any more biased. But whatever, right now I'll say it's my favorite (until next season)!

As we dive into the warmer seasons and away from the chill of winter, it's nice to get away from those cozy, winter candles and into something different. This collection is the perfect blend of fresh, floral, fruity and fun!

 Fresh Flower Market

One of my first jobs as a teenager was at a florist, and I stuck with that career for a few years - it was also the first business I ever opened! Yep, I used to be a wedding florist. 

This candle is our spring bestseller, and for a good reason! It's a super crisp and clean floral - it's not your grandma's floral! It's greenery-forward with hints of hydrangea and lily, plus it's one of our strongest candles! The throw is incredible. People always beg me to have this one available year round but the answer is no, so stock up while you can lol!

Scent notes: Green Leaves, Hydrangea & Lily

Nautical by Nature

I know y’all love cologne scents just as much as I do, so it was really important to me that the Spring/Summer collection have a really fresh cologne scent to round out the floral and fruity scents. It blends woodsy cypress and fresh ocean breeze with just a hint of smoky Palo Santo for a perfectly balanced, summery masculine fragrance. It's like your high school boyfriend without all the tears and trauma!

Scent notes: Cypress, Ocean Breeze & Palo Santo

Out of Office

To tell y'all the truth...I hate sandalwood. I do! BUT I know it’s something other people love so I decided I *had* to make a candle with sandalwood that I loved (because if I love it, I know y’all will too). After lots of tinkering, I landed on a tropical sandalwood blend. It’s one part Pina colada, one part sandalwood, and completely dreamy. This isn't a super sweet big-box-store-style scent, it's slightly sweet, super smooth and elevated. 

Scent notes: Pineapple, Coconut & Sandalwood

Vacation Libation

I’m not really a big drinker, but when I do drink I LOVE a super fruity cocktail. And what’s more perfect for warm weather than a minty, fruity cocktail (or mocktail)! I won’t say this candle is my favorite because I can’t choose a favorite child, but I will say this is the candle I turn to the most when the weather is warm. I’m not typically a sweet candle kind of gal, but there’s just something about a fruity candle (with a hint of mint) that feels right for this season.

Scent notes: Mint, Citrus & Rum

The limited edition Spring/Summer collection is available now! Discounted bundles and duos are available, as well as individual candles. Shop here!

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